MANU AO (AG09) - Dr Kepa Morgan

Recent settlements for Treaty claims require inclusion of Māori input on water management, typically through mechanisms of Joint Management. Frameworks that facilitate joint management have not been developed specifically for Aotearoa. These frameworks struggle with the dichotomy of wai, that is the tensions that exist between the conceptualisation of water as a taonga on one hand and as a property right on the other. The aim of this paper is to introduce a decision making framework that empowers the hapū and iwi perspectives of sustainable water management within the joint management process Kepa is a Chartered Professional Engineer and has strived to identify sustainable engineering solutions for papakainga and other Māori development during his career. He is Senior Lecturer in the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering, and Associate Dean Māori for the Faculty of Engineering at Auckland University. His research has focused on the creation of an integrated decision making framework for sustainability, and the development of a new structural building material, UKU, fibre reinforced earth composite. Kepa was a Director of Meridian Energy Limited, and President of SPPEEx. During his career Kepa has been recognised with the inaugural Housing Industry Association award for special contribution to Housing (1993), and the Australasian Association of Engineering Educators Excellence in Inclusivity Award in 2005.