20100317 MANU AO (2010-03) - Dr Shaun Ogilvie

Seminar Topic: 1080 uptake in watercress and puha In New Zealand 1080 (sodium fluoroacetate) is used for the control of pests such as possums and rabbits. 1080 is sometimes aerially applied in bait from aircraft –a highly controversial practice. Māori have voiced particular concern about uptake in wild‐harvested food species, and previous research has shown that 1080 can leach from bait and then be taken up by plants. Dr Ogilvie will discuss the field research that was undertaken to determine the uptake and persistence of 1080 in watercress and puha and the results shown that both watercress and puha took up 1080 from bait. This is perhaps the first time 1080 has been reported to naturally occur in a New Zealand plant species.