20100526 MANU AO (2010-13) - Roronhiakewen Dr Dan Longboat (Trent University, Canada)

Seminar Topic:Indigenous Environmental Studies: The Changing Face of Environmental Education Indigenous Environmental Studies is a new academic discipline, but not a new idea; it is based on the precept of Indigenous resiliency and adaptability. It fosters necessary conversations between Indigenous and scientific environmental knowledge. It seeks to identify differences, similarities and commonalities in these knowledge systems, to create a mutually beneficial, focused perspective. This shared perspective, in turn, encourages a broader and deeper understanding of environment, ecology, place and spirit. This presentation will provide an overview of both the process and content of the program. It will stress the need to create IES programs in other academic environments. Dan Longboat is Mohawk from the Six Nations of the Grand River. He is Director of the Indigenous Environmental Studies Program at Trent University. Dan is known for his Traditional Haudenosaunee knowledge and has taught Mohawk culture at Trent in addition to his work in Indigenous Environmental Studies. He was the first Director of Studies of the PhD program. Dan completed his PhD in Environmental Studies at York University.