20100414 MANU AO (2010-07) - Donna Awatere‐Huata

Seminar Topic: Ruminations of 40 years Donna will share a brief insight into 40 years relating to her experience in Māori education, sovereignty business and politics. Former Act MP Donna Awatere‐Huata was born in Rotorua, and is of Te Arawa and Ngāti Porou descent. She is currently running Albany‐based correspondence school The Learning Post, and is also general manager of education for west Auckland’s Te Whānauo Waipareira Trust, which has acquired the centre. From the 1970s Donna became involved in the Māori protest movement. In1984 she published Māori Sovereignty, which became a key text in the Māori protest movement. She then became a biculturalismconsultant, and in 1996 entered parliament as a List MP for the Act Party. Although her primary area of study was education, particularly educational psychology, she has also undertaken study in Opera singing and Film Production.